7 skills for Christmas promotion selection

7 skills for Christmas promotion selection

During the holidays, everyone is engaged in sales promotion, but the performance and profit of each company are different. This is directly related to the purchase of promotional items. Let's see what we can do.


Skill 1: Five elements of promotion category selection
1. The categories for promotion are products that are used in daily life, are easily consumed, or are fashionable, and belong to small categories.
That is: this is a commodity point.
2. During the category promotion period (usually two weeks), the supermarket can expand the number of promotional items of this category to more than five times the normal number of items.
That is: a commodity point can be enlarged and expanded, deepened, and become a facet.
3. The gross profit margin of the entire store will not be reduced across the board due to category promotions.
That is: the gross profit margin of category promotion is not less than 15%.
4. It can bring additional sales to the sales of the whole store.
That is: this category promotion does not cannibalize the sales of other categories in your store, but it can seriously cannibalize the sales of competitors in the same category. It's best to sell products for seasonal or one-time sales, so as not to cannibalize the sales of that category in your store.
5. This category promotion can bring more passenger flow and drive the sales of other categories of goods in the whole store.
That is, category promotions should face a wide range of customers, mostly female consumers between 20 and 50 years old.
Small categories of commodities suitable for category promotion: trendy portable electric fans, party and festival supplies (Christmas), children's products

Skill 2: Four key points of category promotion procurement
1. The variety is complete and refurbished, the number of single products can be equal to or even more than that of a large supermarket of tens of thousands of square meters.
2. Try to concentrate on supplying from 1-2 suppliers. And try to be as low as possible without charging other promotional fees to ensure the low purchase price.
3. When making seasonal promotion products, enter the season 1-2 weeks earlier than other businesses, and be first-in-class.
4. After the category promotion is over, only the original number of normal items before the promotion will be retained, and all other items will be withdrawn and returned.

Skill 3: Price strategy for category promotion
1. Choose 1-3 best-selling items in the category to make the shocking price of the category promotion. The promotion price is required to be 30-50% lower than the normal market price, and the gross profit margin is controlled above 1-5%.
2. Choose 5-8 best-selling items in the category for ultra-low prices for category promotions, requiring their promotional prices to be 15-30% lower than the normal market selling prices, and control the gross profit margin above 10-15%.
3. All other items in the promotion category are at the normal promotion price, and the promotion price is required to be lower than 10% of the normal market price, and the gross profit rate is controlled above 15-20%.
4. After the category promotion is over, the remaining item price will continue to be 10% cheaper than the normal market price under the premise that there is still promotional inventory. The price will be returned to normal until the promotional inventory is zero.

Skill 4: Store management of category promotion
1. Greatly expand the merchandise display surface of the promotional category, make full use of the store promotion area, end racks, and piles. It is best to display the merchandise of the category promotion in a concentrated manner, highlighting the display surface of the shocking price and ultra-low-priced merchandise.
2. The first order quantity of the normal promotion item is based on ten times the quantity of the full shelf inventory of the item display. Shocking prices and ultra-low-priced products must be multiplied even more. Keep track of sales and make up orders in time. However, three days before the end of the promotion, it is necessary to control the order quantity of the category items at the normal promotional price, and allow the out of stock, and start to reduce the display area for the shockingly priced and ultra-low-priced items to avoid out of stock.
The purpose of the above measures is to reduce the pressure of return after the promotion.
3. For some category promotions, it is necessary to send additional on-site sales promoters, strengthen the guidance of consumption, and comprehensively, in-depth and meticulously display the series of products of this category.

Skill 5: Requirements for promotional posters
1. The theme of the category promotion and the shocking products should be prominently displayed on the full page of the poster cover.
2. A special page of the poster is dedicated to publish the key products of the promotion category, and the advantages of the variety, diversity and price of the promotion category should be highlighted.

Skill 6: The periodicity and time limit of category promotion
1. Periodicity: Promotions of the same category are carried out at most twice a year.
2. Time limit: The best time for a category promotion is two weeks (14 days), not too short (because category promotion has a strong word-of-mouth communication, and the time limit is long.), and it should not be too long (to seize the golden period of sales. , Reduce inventory pressure).

Skill 7: Difficulties of category promotion and entry points to solve
1. The organization of commodity sources: This is prominently reflected in the lack of suppliers.
2. Control of commodity inventory: This is prominently reflected in the suppliers' cautiousness in stocking sales for promotions, and concerns about how to deal with inventory returns after the promotion.

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