How to Tell a Good Retail Story - (2) Marketing

How to Tell a Good Retail Story - (2) Marketing

As a convenience store role, what we need to think about is "will customers come to buy? Why do you want to buy? Where is the selling point?" Real sales performance can only be achieved because of the transaction of goods.

While paying attention to commodities, the role and value of marketing should not be underestimated.

Returning to the marketing 4P theory, although it is considered by most people to be just basic common sense, 4P is not easy to understand. As Munger said: "People think that it is easy to have common sense, but it is actually difficult."

4P refers to: product, price, place (channel), promotion, 4P theory is the basis of marketing strategy.

Commodity is the top of 4P, as the previous article (HOW TO TELL A GOOD RETAIL STORY - (1) COMMODITY) said, it is necessary to pay attention to its "commodity power", followed by price.

Basic price and discounted price are the two most common price states. In addition to market-guided pricing, the price of convenience store products must also be combined with the location of the store (competitiveness and its own conditions), consumer groups (psychological price), and the value of the product and use.

The fluctuation of commodity prices over a period of time is inseparable from in-store activities and promotions. In addition to the intuitive data analysis of the invoicing system, the behind-the-scenes promoters of how the price fluctuates and how the commodities are combined and promoted, there are also the needs of "marketing", according to consumption groups and commodity status are reasonably optimized to achieve the best sales.

In recent years, channel distribution has become the direction for convenience stores to break through their own development bottlenecks. Commodity purchase, delivery, inventory, distribution channels...Each item affects the display of "marketing" capabilities. Grasping channels, making good use of channels, and integrating the resource allocation of stores will increase turnover in an all-round way.

XYBBMALL has distribution channels and supports Dropshipping. One piece can also be shipped, which can be used as a test sale of the product.

How to Tell a Good Retail Story - Marketing

Finally, we focus on promotions. In addition to product promotion, it also includes advertising, personnel sales, business promotion, and public relations.

Convenience stores formulate corresponding marketing strategies based on solar terms and festivals, and display them through products and prices. On the whole, the 4P are linked and cannot be viewed separately.

In addition, considering the breadth, complexity and richness of marketing, products, prices, channels, and promotions, the above 4Ps cannot accurately reflect all marketing activities. Need to include the following set of representative marketing concepts that reflect modern marketing reality: personnel, processes, projects, and performance.

Back to the basic concept of convenience stores, convenient location, convenient time, convenient goods...

"Help consumers save time in choosing products, and help them waste time on beautiful things." This is the core and mission of convenience store merchandise, procurement, and planning personnel, and it is the key to creating differentiation with the industry one.

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