Industry Trends - Beauty Instrument

Industry Trends - Beauty Instrument

Turn on the facial cleansing device and adjust it to gentle mode. The skin-friendly and smooth silicone brush can remove the dirt from the skin;
The delicate water mist from the facial steamer opens the follow-up moisturizing channel for the skin;
Put on a mask, massage slowly with a negative iontophoresis, and then the red and blue led light mask comes on stage for a acne-removing and lightening operation;
Then, the radio frequency beauty instrument will go on the battlefield, with the combined use of gel, switch between lifting, firming, and whitening modes to complete the final skin care.
The entire skin care process takes about 2 hours, which is no less than the complicated process in a beauty salon.

"For the same amount of money, I can do it at home as I want, and it is not limited to the number of times. It is more cost-effective than going to a beauty salon."

Of course, such time-consuming and labor-intensive "big projects" are not always there. Commonly used are small instruments for local care, such as eye massagers, because they are small, light, and time-consuming, and easier to adhere to. Although the radio frequency instrument have more functions, they can be used for a long time and have a larger volume. In the case of beauty equipment, buying is one thing, and using it is another.

The well-prepared black technology is not complicated to understand in practice. In terms of product functions, there are several categories such as cleansing, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, fat dissolving, and hairdressing. According to the working principle, there are roughly micro-current, laser, radio frequency, ultrasonic and LED forms. Different working mechanisms have different depths of action on the skin, and different methods of use.

The supply chain of China's beauty instrument components is relatively mature, not only for domestic use, but some are exported overseas. For instruments with more complex technical structures, Chinese manufacturers can quickly complete disassembly, copying, and assembly production.

Relying on a mature supply chain, a batch of highly cost-effective Chinese brands turned out. Some brands have set up their factories in China.

Consumers not only have higher requirements for the professionalism of beauty instruments, they also look forward to devices that integrate multiple functions in one, and they also have different demands on the length of use, production materials, and product prices. History proves to us that those who bravely rise to the forefront will always be favored.

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