Selection Guide-Outdoor Cooking Category

Selection Guide-Outdoor Cooking Category

"Home quarantine orders" make people have to stay at home longer. American people search for keywords like barbecue on YouTube higher than other times, especially in California and Texas.

During this period, American people's online purchase of daily necessities has increased by nearly 30-35%. This also means that there is an opportunity for kitchenware-related brands to expand consumer awareness online.


1. Online search trends for outdoor cooking products

There are 7.5 million people searching for outdoor cooking related information on Google every month in the United States, with an average CPC of about USD 0.75, and the market is the most mature.
In Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Spain, Japan and other countries, the number of searches for relevant information per month is about 1.5-2 million, and the average CPC is around USD 0.4-0.6, which has a high cost-effective online promotion.
People's search for outdoor cooking products is mainly focused on common words, such as: BBQ, Grill, Smoker and other barbecue product categories. Only a few big brands can get more brand word searches.
In the United States, people like to use "How to..." on Google and YouTube to search for related content such as barbecue techniques.
Searching for "Grill at home during quarantine" on Google reveals about 200,000 related videos; during the epidemic, a large number of Youtubers took pictures of their barbecue at home and uploaded them to the platform.
Outdoor cooking-related brands are also attracting potential consumers by setting up blog pages on their websites, creating YouTube channels, and uploading a large number of barbecue/food-related content.

2. Market performance of sub-categories

By comparing the prices of Amazon's outdoor cooking products, it can be found that grills and smokers have the highest unit price in its sub-categories, with the highest price reaching USD949, and the average price is about USD178. The unit price of grills and smokers is the lowest, the highest is USD79.99, and the average price is about USD24.

3. Marketing scenarios

Scenarios and requirements:
Young people try to cook for the first time
Middle-aged people take care of family members and assume the responsibility of cooking
Demand for new kitchen tools, baking and grilling appliances, and tableware

Category recommendation:
Small kitchen utensils/outdoor cooking equipment and accessories
Cookware and cookware set/plate silverware/tableware and accessories/food container

Search tendency: How to...
How to make.....
How to cook...
How long to make.....?

The creativity is as rich and diverse as possible, such as:
How to make seasonal dishes with fresh ingredients?
How about 30 days breakfast is not repeated?
How to store food or keep meat fresh?

The above is the sharing of this time, I hope to help you choose more suitable categories for sale and get more customers.

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